EVENTODAYS Madrid - 29th/30th June 2011

The fair EVENTODAYS 2011 ended with a positive feedback about the 3D projection in Spain.
(posted on 5/07/2011)


In the context of our expansion of our company, we are searching for an experienced 3D operator. For interest please contact us under the following email: recrutement@3d4com.com
(posted on 5/07/2011)

The projectors Christie HD 12K arrived

We have acquired right now 2 projectors of Christie HD 12K. These new projectors will improve our capacity of 3D projections, as well as the adaption of the image to all surfaces, no matter if location or event.
(posted on 5/07/2011)

Dimension 3 Sequel

Publication in the magazine 3D ROUNDABOUT: http://3droundabout.com/2011/06/2875/show-report-the-view-from-dimension-3-2011.html
(posted on 5/07/2011)

International Festival of the image of institutions and corporate companies

3D4COM will be present from the 14th until the 17th June 2011. Further we will furnish all the tools for the projections.
(posted on 8/06/2011)

Fair Dimension 3

The fair Dimension 3 proceeded very well and we have disclosed the precious information of the deployment of 3D relief. Our booth is equipped with a room for the 3D “active” projection, which was nonstop visited. Hence we linked the different demonstrations to make more sessions available. We would like to thank you again for visiting our booth and being present at our demonstrations.
(posted on 8/06/2011)

Saturday 14th May 3D4COM was at the Festival de Cannes

We have furnished equipment for the 3D event of the Studio Rainbow for their new presentation of an animation film. We have projected the trailer in 2D and 3D. Location:
  • Hotel intercontinental Carlton Cannes

Used technical tools:
  • Projector HD 12K Christie
  • Source Blu-Ray
  • 120 pairs of active glasses
(posted on 19/05/2011)

Fair Dimension 3

3D4COM reminds you not to forget to download your ticket for the fair Dimension 3. Please follow this link: http://www.dimension3-expo.com/fr/visiteurs/inscriptions
(posted on 19/05/2011)

Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th May 2011
Showcase in the Studios 107 - Plaine Saint Denis - Paris

Showcase in the Studios 107 - Plaine Saint Denis - Paris The team of 3D4COM wants to thank the group of AMP for the warm welcome in their studios. We also would like to thank all people, who saw our Showcase and for the interest in our solutions of management/diffusion of the 3D images in real time.

We hope that through the demonstration you could see the utility and the necessity of 3D for the valuation of your events.

Thanks to all of you.
(posted on 6/05/2011)

Fair Dimension 3 in Paris from the 24th until the 26th May 2011

3D4COM is glad to welcome you at the fair Dimension 3 in Paris from the 24th until the 26th May. The whole day long you can see private short presentations in 3D at our booth. Additionally you will discover a lot of new and various possibilities of the 3D application in the area of event communication.
  • Projection of monuments in an “sparkling” relief
  • 3D Plasma display
  • Relief for conventions, seminars, product launches
  • Conversion 2D/3D
  • Capture 3D relief
  • Infodecors (Background design) in 3D

For more news about the communication in 3D for companies, please visit our booth.
If there should be any question left or if you need additional information please contact frederic.dedond@3d4com.com
(posted on 18/04/2011)

From the 9th until the 14th April 2011 in Las Vegas

3D4COM participated at the fair of NABSHOW.
(posted on 18/04/2011)

15 March

2 more showcases were held.
(posted on 16/03/2011)

10 March

3 more showcases were held.
(posted on 16/03/2011)

4 March

Our new website goes online.
(posted on 7/03/2011)

1 March

A Sales Director for France has joined the team (Frédéric Defond).
(posted on 7/03/2011)

28 February

Arrival of a new electronics engineer to develop new tools (Ronan).
(posted on 7/03/2011)

21 February

A 3d4com representative in Spain (Grégory).
(posted on 7/03/2011)

15 February

Monumental 3D projection trials in Chartres (commissioned by the town hall) with "live" 3D capture and broadcasting.
(posted on 7/03/2011)


On 18 January and on 3 and 4 February.
(posted on 7/03/2011)

3D4COM Showcase #2

Yesterday, around thirty people attended a new demonstration of 3D imaging for events.
(posted on 16/12/2010)

Product launch

Internal broadcasting of a 3D film to present a new concept at Tefal.
(posted on 06/12/2010)

3D4COM Showcase

Over the last three days, we have successfully organised eight 3D demonstration sessions. Around sixty people, from the most important event agencies, institutions and companies in Lyon, had the opportunity to discover the competitive advantages of 3D through a product launch, a trip through the human body or the tour of a Dubai hotel.
(posted on 26/11/2010)

Heavent trade show

3D4COM will be present at the 2010 Heavent trade show from 16 to 18 November. Come and meet us on stand G22.
(posted on 02/11/2010)

Bouygues International Building Convention

Projection du reportage-visite d’un hôtel construit à Dubaï par Bouygues. Cet événement a été un grand succès et devient référent pour le futur. De la conception à la diffusion la qualité optimale a été au rendez-vous. 700 personnes ont pu découvrir une conception d’hôtel totalement originale magnifiée par une écriture esthétique et pleine d’émotion.
(posted on 08/10/2010)

Panasonic camera

We have finally received our Panasonic AG-3DA1 stereoscopic camera.
(posted on 27/09/2010)

2D > 3D conversion

We can now provide you with a reliable and efficient conversion solution for your films and archive images. Take advantage of 3D throughout your event and give your archives a new lease of life.
(posted on 13/09/2010)

Interactive 3D

Production of an interactive, virtual 3D character for the convention of a major international group in September.
(posted on 02/09/2010)

3D camera

Within the coming weeks, we expect to take delivery of the Panasonic AG-3DA1 3D camera.
(posted on 30/08/2010)


The 1000 pairs of XPAND glasses finally arrived this summer, representing the largest European product base for events.
(posted on 11/08/2010)

Christie HD18

In May, we received the first two Christie HD18 Mirage video-projectors delivered in Europe.
(posted on 03/06/2010)


As a beta tester, we are proud to announce the arrival of Eikos: the latest Analogway switcher.
(posted on 18/03/2010)


When the 3D is so amazing, the audience is totally focused... and totally receptive to your message.
It is possible to project onto any support: screens from 10 to 100m², buildings or TVs… from €1,500. For your congresses, seminars, conventions and product launches, do not hesitate to contact us.


The 3D technology proposed by 3D4com uses a unique and exclusive process.
The images are truly outstanding.
They materialise in front the audience as if they were real. Never before has 3D brought such a new dimension to your events.
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